Doing Well At The Job

Here are some tips I believe contribute to excelling at work.

Ask Better Questions

Inspired by Don’t Ask to Ask

Directly ask your questions. Avoid prefacing with “Can I ask a question?” or “Is anyone available to help me?”. Provide context, such as what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’ve already tried.

Include a minimal working example.

Be a Good Communicator

Practice smart brevity

Write concise, to-the-point emails.

Tailor your communication to your audience and be mindful of your tone. Reading about emotional intelligence can be beneficial.

Certifications are not everything

Engage in projects instead. Avoid getting stuck in an endless loop of tutorials such as “Zero to Hero in 30 Days”, Udemy, Coursera, etc.

Focus on a topic of interest, create a project around it, showcase it, and seek feedback for improvement.

Ask others for feedback

Whether behavioral or technical, continually seek feedback for improvement. We all can’t carry a mirror, so we have to ask others to help us.

Continually learning

Your education doesn’t end with your career path.

Favorite learning resources: