Monetizing Dalle2 for Fun

I am super upset I don’t have a penthouse in Boulder Colorado overlooking the Rockies.

Apparently I need alot of money

So this my first attempt to introduce data science to money making.

Before Stable Diffusion was released, Dalle2 had a waiting list and I was the lucky few to try Dalle2.

Alot of ideas swirl around asset creation around horror video games and GPT prompts to introduce new voice lines. Imagine Phasmaphobia with interactive ghosts/demons. Shit would be scary AF

But the most easiest way to monetize Dalle2 was to create an image and sell it.

Digital art work was unappealing to me, but physical medium was very interesting.

So I invested about 1000$ USD into a color printer and Cricut machine to cut out stickers.

  1. Use Dalle2 and prompts for Sticker Illustration of X

dalle2 Screenshot Collection

  1. Print and cut out the stickers using Cricut

Messy Workbench

  1. Post listing and sell on etsy

Screenshot of Etsy Listing

  1. Profit??? Link to Etsy.